Chapter 5 and the Death of Ideas

So this is a quick update on Allmarket and everything else. This isn’t easy to write, admitting failure is never fun, and I guess this is my way of trying to find a silver lining.

It comes down to, writing Allmarket as a monthly serial installment, is not going as planned – my plan was audacious, which is to say not really how reality works. The smart people at Stubborn Raven (the indie publisher I also help to run), had warned me that this would be difficult, and this post serves as testament to how right they were – and still are.

So, Allmarket is a bit of a bust – I made it to the fifth chapter and had to call it quits on the serial. I forced too many things on the project, and the worst thing possible began to happen – it was turning to shit. (Say it with me – perfection is the enemy of the good)

In an effort to get back into the flow, I’m going to finish Allmarket as a novella. It’s actually the idea of ‘continued writing, but for yourself’ that made me realise how much I’ve been forcing Allmarket, and the entire Godsteel universe to be this thing that I wanted it to be, instead of what it was.

Yes it might sound a bit overly metaphysical, but most writers probably know the feeling of thinking a cool idea to death – it’s like drowning a seedling by giving it too much water.

Okay so – If you’re a fan of Allmarket – I want to personally thank you for your love. When the novella is out (we’re looking at early 2020), I hope you’ll still like the story. If not, well that’s on me.

And I’m serious about taking responsibility for not making the serial approach work. I was also a fan of Allmarket, and as its writer I am angry and disappointed in myself for allowing its murder-by-author.

The above reality has actually sparked the idea of talking about and exploring the stuff I do when I write – hopefully it saves a nascent writer who stumbles across my rantings.

What I’m talking about is an idea about the act of writing that I’ve been struggling with, but ironically never had the words to capture. Well I’ve had an epiphany about it, while brushing my teeth – which is what I’m going to talk about going forward, so stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

On the upside, I’ve managed to finish a short story that I’m actually very proud of. It’s called Horizon’s Exile and it’ll hit the e-stores in the next two weeks!

That’s it for now I guess.


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