Hi, my name is Stefan, or Stef, if you prefer. I live in South Africa, where I work full time as a creative strategist (whatever that means).

I share my life with my wife, our two dogs and a whole lot of books. The magnificent beast in my bio pic is Odin, I am sure you will meet his brother Darwin soon, they tend to pop up on my social media feeds, so check it out!

I write fantasy and sci-fi things whenever I get a chance. I’ve been working on the Godsteel world and the people that live in it for about two years now, and I’m really excited to share some of it with you! You can also read my first sci-fi short story, Horizon’s Exile, on the most popular ebook stores, including, but not limited to; Kobo, Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes&Noble.

In the mean time you can visit the Godsteel Universe and find out more about Bailat as she mucks about in the Allmarket – a serial I’ll be publishing in installments on the site, the first four chapters are already available. I still have a full time job to help facilitate eating, writing, and buying my dogs the best kibble available. (They really only deserve the best)

So I really hope you enjoy the stories you read here! Feel free to let me know if you loved or hated something, on the site or on the social media platform of your choice.

You can start reading first installment of Bailat’s muckery here: