A world in progress…

Between the worlds of Life and Death, you can see an endless domain – if you are willing to look hard enough. There are some who are invited to enter this place, and if they so wish, may allow themselves to become changed, and return to their world bearing many gifts, or none.

These are the worlds of Godsteel.

Tales from the Allmarket – A Godsteel Universe Tale

Your first introduction to the Godsteel universe comes in the form of work-in-progress novella, Tales from the Allmarket. As the world shapes and turns in it’s development this little novella will be unpacking the world with whole lot of punch, as well as some change and admittedly some confusion along the way! The Almarket plays host to some interesting characters and even more interesting world building.

From the moment Bailat enters the Allmarket, the plot thickens at a powerful pace and you are pulled into a complex world that challenges your thinking. The richness of the culture oozes out of the characters and setting. Power seems to be up for grabs in all corners of the Allmarket, and the plains of existence may be at stake.

Despite the frenetic atmosphere, no merchant shouted or called out. In the place where everything was for sale, discretion was the only currency of any worth.

Stefan van Staden – Tales from the Allmartket

Tales from the Allmarket will be released as a stand alone novella in September 2019, but for now you can read it as a serial-release on this site!