Horizon’s Exile

A Sci-fi Short Story – Set on Nu-Orth

The words sprang from Wren’s mouth like dust chased by gale, “Bipedal omnivore. Tee-ef classification Nu-Ortha Aptio, for their tendency to actively hunt humans” She forced her breath to stay calm, “Locally known as Nemesis. It boasts impressive camouflage abilities and can regulate its core temperature, making current tracking methods nearly obsolete. Both male and female adults grow to one hundred kilograms, and tend to hunt in packs of three to five.”

Wren gave a couple of quick breaths and forced her mind to focus on the two points of constant pain nestled in her temples, letting the pressure build in increments of agony. Frowning, and barely able to contain her breath past a gentle rasp that tore at her dry throat, she let her senses become tied to the throbbing that was her mind…

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Death sits between the spans of our breaths. It simply waits for hesitation, a stumble, and then it strikes.

Stefan van Staden – Horizon’s Exile